• Built in the latest ASP.NET.CORE Technology


  • Easy to manage system updates
  • No install required for users to start using the system
  • Easy to manage user subscriptions via web logins.
Yes, the backend and front end are completely separate from each other, as new front end technology comes in this can easily be upgraded for better user experiences.
Yes tokens are managed and HTTPS security. Your client data will be save.
The application is hosted in Sydney’s top data centres.
We have a flexible approach, Licenses can be a pay as you go approach whether it is monthly or yearly subscriptions.
On any web browser through the login. So on any phone, tablet or desktop application it works fine.
A range of  Soil/Aggregate, Concrete and Asphalt Standards
Test reports are produced in PDF format which can be uploaded or emailed
Yes and it can be interfaced with your financial package
We can update methods with our continuous integration. They will be upgraded and tested by the industry before being shipped to production.