This is TestLab360

Your 3600 solution for a fast, easy, and cost-effective Construction Materials Management.

This is TestLOur Story and Visionab360

We are an Innovation Company built specifically for the Construction Materials Industry. Testlab360 has been built by testers for testers to add value to the construction industry supply chain as a whole 3600. Our vision at Testlab360 is to be the go-to solution for Quarries, Concrete Suppliers, Small and Large Laboratories and Government Agencies and enable increased productivity, reduced costs, and happier workforce in the Construction Materials Industry.

This is TestLOur Story and Visionab360

Cloud Base

Free your staff and IT departments with the pain and hassles of managing complex and expensive IT infrastructure. We help you to focus on your core business activities which is Construction Materials Testing.

Mobile Apps with Offline mode

Get huge savings on costs and turnaround times by equipping your field testers with our very powerful iOS and Android apps. They deliver all of the capabilities available on the cloud-based app and more. We are the only business in the industry to provide the offline construction material testing capabilities.

Ease of use

Simple and Intuitive to setup and use. We have designed our UI / UX keeping testers and construction material technicians at the heart of everything we do. As testers we had suffered the pain of clunky, complex, effort-intensive, error-prone, double-handling prone LIMS software in the industry and we refused to accept and continue this status-quo. With TestLab360 this is now history.


Thanks to our innovative solution architecture, TestLab360 is the most cost-effective LIMS in the industry. The days of expensive on-prem software, paying for maintenance and upgrades is now over.

Quick access to latest Testing Standards:

Gain an advantage over your competitors by becoming the first to offer testing as per the latest standards. Our innovative platform helps us to make the latest standards available to you in super quick time. With TestLab360 you can forget the lag and waiting times of 18-24 months to have the newer testing standards available.